Amount raised (june 4th) : € 10.700

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Challenges already overcome

The association has experienced serious difficulties since the very first months of opening "La Pelle Jaune". Thanks to a skilled and committed community, it has overcome them one after the other. But one risk remains: the roof, which threatens to leak or worse, collapse.

If you'd like to support your "tiers-lieu" or join us in this great adventure, read on!

The challenge now: financing the roof repairs

For its two-year anniversary, and to ensure its continued existence, La Pelle Jaune would like to repair its roof! A lot of renovation work has gone into making La Pelle Jaune a welcoming place, and now we need to take care of something that isn't so obvious but is still very important to our beloved space. Our aim is to secure the roof first and foremost, but we'll also be insulating the attic space and improving the materials used, if we can raise enough money to do so!

How can we help?

Either by making a one-time donation now


by a donation spread over several monthly payments, for the duration of your choice.

Example: €20/month for 1 year.

Who are we?

La Pelle Jaune is an association involved in intergenerational socio-cultural activities in La Croisille sur Briance and the surrounding area, in the Limousin region. A place where all kinds of initiatives can happen, its many volunteers (nearly 40!) want to encourage meetings, exchanges, games and activities, in partnership with local residents, associations, artists and professionals. It's also a community bar and restaurant!

Why donate ? Testimonials

I love La Pelle Jaune. A great community builder for everyone. We have some lovely times there

La Pelle Jaune is a place we discovered the day we visited the house we were going to buy in La Croisille. It was one of the reasons we decided to settle in this charming village. It's indispensable. It's the nucleus of a real social network. Very much alive. Music, friends, food, games, mutual aid... you find what you bring.

All my best wishes and good thoughts to you! You can do it!
Slawomir, Kasia, and many others...

San Diego, California sends its love to La Croisille-sur-Briance.
Vive la France!